Welcome to the humble home page of the Cornell Juggling Club!

Come juggle with us! We can be found every Friday
from 3:30 to 6:00pm on the Arts Quad in front of Goldwin Smith while the weather is good.
When the weather is rainy, snowy, or merely gray and drizzly, we meet in the
RPU Multipurpose room (1st floor) on North Cmapus.
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 Latest updates:
22/1/98 Welcome back everyone NOTE: *new meeting location, RPU multipurpose room*
12/12/97 We have 4 new officers, congrats to Charles, Boris, Ryan and Jeff.
12/6/97 Congratulations to everyone involved in the convention and the show it was a big success! 
11/9/97 Lots of new pictures, Hilby's, show, combat, banner making
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Home page updated 11/9/97 
Conor Hunt Rachel Bauer