I was born in Greenport, Long Island

   on May 22, 1979 (you may want to make a

   note of the date).  Only lived there for a

   year though, then on to Seymour, CT, then

   lovely (heavy sarcasm) Amityville, Long


Then on to Setauket, Long Island, where I

grew up (that's assuming i grew up).

Lived in Smithtown for a while too, and

the home is now in Patchouge, the south

shore of the Island.  (Bad pic o' me)

  I went to High School at this lovely building.

  Ward Melville H.S.  I had a pretty good time,

  and enjoyed the West Prep program a lot.  

  But I graduated in 1997 and headed to


Okay, before we get to college let's

not forget about three and a half years

working at Setauket Hardware & Lock.

I developed my love for hardware there,

and a hatred for Home Depot which

culminated in the liquidation of the store :(

 Now i'm a freshman at CORNELL.

 I'm enjoying myself greatly.

 Cornell is really beautiful,

 really hard,

 and really fun.

                                       I'm studying                                                                                          Mechanical Engineering                             

                                         at Cornell.

  This is where i'm living next year.

  Cascadilla Hall right in Collegtown.

And of course....                              

The FAM.

My mom and dad, Lee and Linda,                         -PIC COMING SOON-

and sister Lisa (hmm, everyone is an "L"

except for me).  


Jeff Hardgrove


April 1998